Mind Controlled Relaxation

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Mind Controlled Relaxation
Mind Controlled Relaxation is an easy-to-follow, physical and mental relaxation session that helps you let go of stress, anxiety and frustration and enjoy peaceful rejuvenation of your mind and body. It specifically instructs and leads you into a restful alpha level to lower your blood pressure, decrease your heart rate, relieve tension and replenish you with energy and vitality.


Understanding the mind, the brainwave cycles of your conscious and subconscious mind, can help you to use your mind to relax your body, relieve excess stress, and replenish your energy. By mentally slowing down, directing the relaxation of your muscles and organs, slowing your heart rate and reducing your blood pressure, you can become proficient at programming your body for the equivalent rejuvenation of a 2-hour relaxing nap in approximately 15 minutes of MCR.


The maximum brain energy learning level is at 10.5 brainwave cycles per second. We experience this when we go to sleep, when we awaken, during the dream cycle while asleep…and, by practicing Mind Controlled Relaxation, at will, as desired. Positive affirmation and goal visualization at the alpha level short-cuts the extended repetition method of improving our habits and helps us to “program” ourselves for increasing health, wealth and happiness subconsciously. Visualizing your goals and programming your desired performance brings about the expulsion of undesirable patterns.

Mind Controlled Relaxation (MCR)


Also included is a Positive Self-Talk CD. This is an enjoyable message of positive follow-through for daily, uplifting directions and support to yourself… to help you program your subsconscious mind for improved performance, health, happiness, relationships and comfortable success in your educational development. Listen to it several times each day for a refreshing mental renewal… and until it becomes an automatic part of your thinking, believing, and being.

Many individuals purchase multiple copies of this program so that they always have one available. Recommended use, at least once daily, twice is even better.

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