Have you ever wished that you could take your most favorite, life-enhancing experience home with you and share it with family, friends and team members? It is now possible for you to do that with the exciting, enjoyable, life-expanding SUCCESSFUL LIFE “To Go” Course!


This time-tested, results-proven personal development program is now available for you to experience and enjoy “on-the-go,” in the privacy of your own surroundings via flash drive on your computer or home theater. It is a historical, mid-career, video recording of the entire popular 3-day class presented by Ed Foreman, Earlene Vining, and associates, that is just as meaningful today as it will be 50 years from now!

Here is what is on the flash drive:

  • Live video recording of the entire 3-day SUCCESSFUL LIFE class
  • The Ed Foreman Successful Life Course Workbook (PDF)
  • As A Man Thinketh booklet (PDF)
  • Enthusiasm booklet (PDF)
  • It Works! booklet (PDF)
  • The Magic Story booklet (PDF)


Living Happy, Healthy, and Financially Secure


Yes, you “attend” the class, “with the participants,” as you and they listen, laugh, learn and grow… only you no longer need to travel to the class site, spend three days at a hotel, experience related travel costs, or invest $2,995 for the class tuition.

You “participate” in the privacy of your own home or office… yet, you enjoy and experience the “live action” as you participate right along with the other class members in all the activities!

Thousands of people would not have invested in this personal, life-enhancing experience if it was not making a positive impact upon their lives, and ultimately, the bottom line. Neither would it have been given such a positive review by CBS News “60 Minutes.” You will enjoy the dividends of a new aliveness, alertness, and zest for life; improved physical health; a brighter, more positive and constructive outlook; improved awareness and appreciation for yourself, your family, and your job; increased income…and you’ll master the formula on how to make every day a GOOOD DAY!

What others have said:

“Your teaching trumps any I ever read or heard about from any expert, professor or doctor… you explain and demonstrate the conscious/subconscious relationships and how it influences our behavior and outcomes. It’s made the difference in my life!”
E. DB., Ontario, Canada
“Being a GIN Level 6 Member, I have reason to be proud of my accomplishments; however, your SLC Program revealed to me a very important component of the “HOW” side of the Training Balance Scale and attaining the results therefrom.”
J.H., Minnesota
“You’ve been living in my heart, I’ve opened a new clinic in Eastchester, opening another in Manhattan, and going strong in West Hartford, meeting new people and enjoying life like never before! I’m now so focused and productive, I’m like a freight train; nothing can stand in front of me!”
LP., MD, New York
“This program inspired more behavioral changes in me than any previous development course experience. We have now offered it to over 750 of our key management people.”
J.R.L, Chmn., Flohda
“In a newly-established petrochemical complex, we went from a $1 million per month deficit to one of Shell’s most profitable units worldwide.we are now utilizing it at a much larger complex and experiencing similar results!”
F. D.F., VP, Louisiana
“From the front line sales force to the headquarters leadership…for individuals, families, customers, and corporate team-building, this program is the best investment we ever made!”
L.R.J., Chmn., Kentucky
“It’s been 30 years since I attended your amazing class, yet it literally changed my life for the better. There are so many life-altering lessons that you taught us…with admiration and respect, Pardner, thanks for the memories!”
Doc Blakely, Texas
“What you shared with us over 35 years ago still influences my life. My son overcame many challenges in his life because I sent him to you…and now, I’m sending my grandson. You are a valuable part of the fabric of our wonderful family. Thanks for your influence and direction.”
Larry Atwell, Wyoming





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  • Improved Health
  • Stress Reduction
  • Personal Happiness
  • More Enjoyable Family Relationships
  • Business Growth
  • Financial Gain
  • and a longer, more meaningful and fulfilling LIFE!

If you act now, you will also receive a bonus 2-CD Album Success is an Attitude of Mind absolutely free!


Put it into action for yourself and practice it daily! Upon completion and implementation, you will agree that it is one of the best investments you have ever made in yourself!

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