Self Help Your Self To The Top

by Alexander Tretjakov

I grew up in Estonia, where my highest ambition would have been to work in a furniture factory. I was in a situation where the only way, I thought, for me to make a living would be to join the ranks of production workers at the factory. This wasn’t something I was extremely happy about, but I didn’t see any other way.

After having moved to Canada, I realized something – the only limitations we put on our selves are the ones that we put on our selves. I wasn’t exposed to all of the available possibilities when I was in Estonia; my point of view was narrow. I felt like I was stuck with one path in life. At some point after I moved to Canada, my point of view changed. I saw all the different opportunities this life has to offer, and not only saw them, but also understood that if I wanted to, I could take advantage of those opportunities. I became an artist. Instead of concentrating on what I was lacking in academic foundations, I looked at how I could use my creativity to become successful.

The limitations that we put on our selves plague us in all areas of our life. We do not see that the only real limitation that we have in our life is time, and even that can be managed. This is why it is so important to constantly work on shedding any and all beliefs that limit our potential. If I would trace the progress of my life, I could say with definite certainty that my progress accelerated about 300% as soon as I realized that I could do absolutely anything I wanted to, provided I am passionate about it. As soon as I made my first steps on the road of self improvement, my outlook on life changed. The limitations that I set for my self slowly disappeared.

People often think that they do not need someone else telling them how to improve their life. In many instances that might be true. It is however always beneficial to look at the an issue from a different perspective. My “point of view”, I was talking about earlier, changed because someone else showed me a different, better way of being. And because I wanted that “better way” I changed the way I looked at the world.

Education is a powerful tool. I am not talking about academic education. I am talking about something I call Life School. Things we all need to learn in order to succeed in life, to have a limitless outlook on life, to have happiness and fulfillment in everything we do. My Life School started when I first began to take self improvement courses and educate my self in all of the areas that my academic education did not. I feel very strongly about the necessity of this kind of education, because the success in all areas of my life I attribute solely to that fact that I took upon myself to improve my life through education. Self help and self improvement got me the confidence I needed to find a perfect relationship, to find out what I was passionate about and give me the tools to be able to bring my dreams into reality. I am now on a mission to help other people better their life by educating them selves. I hope that you will also reap as much benefit from this kind of education as I have. The best investment we can make is in our selves.

Copyright 2006
Alexander Tretjakov
Unconventional Thinking University
Author of MiWay Time Management System
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