Successful Life Course Coming In For The Final Landing!

Ed Foreman Successful Life Course

What a fun and joyful flight it has been! The SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course, an outgrowth of their other business activities, has been an exciting, enjoyable adventure for Ed Foreman and Earlene Vining. After their upcoming November class, they plan to devote their time and energies to a variety of other interests. They will no longer be marketing or conducting this popular, results-proven, time-tested, life-enhancing program. Although they’ve had some discussions with possible successors, nothing has been formulated for the program’s continuation. Ed and Earlene plan to continue to travel, speak, and do special events for some of their long-time partners and corporate entities; i.e., Institute for Management Studies; Global Information Network; B.E.S.T.; LabCorp; Shell Trading, a variety of universities and medical groups, et al.

The final 3-day SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course, conducted by Ed and Earlene, will be November 18-20, 2015. This class is still open; and we plan to endeavor to accommodate everyone who wants to participate, as a first-time attendee or as a refresher session; so if you have family, friends, business associates, or any others whom you feel would benefit from this unique habit-improvement program, you’ll want to be sure to get them enrolled as quickly as possible for the November session, checking in at the Canyon Inn in McCormick’s Creek State Park, Spencer, Indiana (55 miles southwest of Indianapolis) on Tuesday, November 17!

There are many who have made a habit of returning to enjoy a refresher session every two or three years, just to keep their life skills sharp and to rejuvenate and get back to implementing the successful daily living principles in any areas where they may have slipped. This is your opportunity to do so for the last time! The previous three classes this year have been outstanding, with some “repeaters” in each session…but also with many new participants, including some youngsters ranging in age from 10 to 17, who have embraced this improved lifestyle with enthusiasm and gratitude. Some of our longstanding clients such as Eagle Communications; BWI Companies, Inc.; Wolseley Industrial Group, Global Information Network, et al, as well as many individual participants, have been taking advantage of participating in these classes recently and enjoying the benefits of doing so.

If you, or someone you love and appreciate, wish to participate, you may do so by enrolling on line through our secure shipping cart at, or you may call Linda Barrett direct at 479-363-6588 to enroll by telephone. We’ll look forward to having you join us for a terrific “end of an era” finale!

Also, on-site programs, even including private SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course sessions, as well as all the products now offered as a follow-on to the class, will still be available on line or through our office; so let us know if we can assist in any way!

Keep Smiling and Stay Happy, Healthy and TERRIFIC!

2 Responses to Successful Life Course Coming In For The Final Landing!

  • Jim Kellum says:

    Hello Ed And Earlene,
    Thank you for all of the extraordinary influence you have had on my Life.
    3 Prescriptions for Daily Living at age 81 have positively had a long impact on my life.
    Thank God for the privilege of meeting you personally, and knowing you as a friend.
    Jim Kellum
    Grand Prairie, Texas

  • Ed says:

    Thanks so very much, Jim, for your thoughtful note and kind comments. How great it is to hear from you. It’s apparent that you continue to follow through and practice the prescriptions and enjoy a happy, healthy and prosperous life as a result of your positive, enthusiastic approach toward life. We octogenarians recognize that living every day to the fullest is the best way to achieve longevity, don’t we? Congratulations on your continued happy lifestyle! Perhaps we can get together for breakfast, lunch, tea, or whatever sometime soon to catch up on our respective activities. Stay Happy, Healthy and TERRIFIC!


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