Successful Life Course Graduate’s Invention in the Smithsonian Top Ten

Mariano and Wanda Martinez and many of their restaurant leaders and employees are super-terrific graduates of the SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course. Through the years, Mariano has enjoyed many successes in his restaurant business in Dallas…but, it just seems that his invention of the first Frozen Margarita Machine stands out as one of his most outstanding (and delicious) accomplishments. Ed Foreman was one of the early investors in the La Hacienda Ranch enterprise, and he often enjoys sharing a scrumptious meal, and of course a refreshing, tasty frozen margarita, with family, friends and clients at one or another of the La Hacienda or Mariano’s restaurants…and for those in the Dallas area or those visiting this area, he urges you to do the same. Read on about Mariano’s Machine:

Mariano’s Machine

The World's First Frozen Margarita MachineSmithsonian Magazine celebrated National Inventor’s Month with a story on the top 10 inventions in the collection of the National Museum of American History. The number one invention was the light bulb, but what caused dancing in the streets of Texas was the inclusion of the Frozen Margarita Machine. The following is an excerpt from The Smithsonian:

“10. And last but not least, The World’s First Frozen Margarita Machine. As we savor the last days of summer, this one had to make the list. In 2005, the museum acquired the first ever frozen margarita machine invented by Dallas restaurateur Mariano Martinez in 1971. Museum Director Brent Glass called the invention a “classic example of the American entrepreneurial spirit.” With the advent of the machine, Margaritas became as standard as chips and salsa at Tex-Mex restaurants. (Next time I have one, I shall toast Mariano!)”

“I’m still working on ways to improve the Margarita,” said Mariano, who once won an award for doing more for the sale of tequila than anyone else in the world. “We use only 100 % Blue Agave Tequila in our drinks.”

Today, he oversees his Mexican cuisine restaurants, which include his flagship Mariano’s in Dallas, another location in Arlington, and four massive La Hacienda Ranch locations throughout the Metroplex.

When Molly Ansfield of Colorado Springs learned about the light bulb being named the top all-time American invention, and the margarita machine being named number 10, she disagreed with the order. “The margarita machine should be number one,” she argued. “Margaritas are best enjoyed by candlelight.”

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