Successful Life Course, November 6-9, 2012

November 2012 Successful Life Course

Canyon Inn, McCormick’s Creek State Park, at Spencer, Indiana, was alive and sparkling this past week with a dynamic group of leaders from throughout the USA as they fully and wholeheartedly threw themselves into the SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course. The “Family Friendly High Performance Team” from Defender Direct, plus enthusiastic participants from some of America’s most successful companies, ages 12 to 84, from students to corporate chieftains, men and women of diverse personalities and backgrounds, enjoyed practicing proven, mind-enriching techniques on:

  1. How to Turn Worry and Stress into Happiness and Success;
  2. How to Get More Done in Less Time;
  3. How to persuasively get others to buy their ideas, products or services;
  4. How to feel good physically, mentally and emotionally;
  5. How to relax, re-energize and achieve refreshing, rejuvenating vitality.
  6. and a myriad of other life-expanding lessons!

We enjoyed the colorful autumn foliage, walking the trails through the woods, observing the magnificent Canyon Creek walls of granite rising above a majestic creek and the roaring waterfalls. It was love, laughter, and learning in a mix that had us all expanding our horizons and appreciating our opportunities. We clarified our Mission in Life and enhanced our Vision of our personal, family and professional futures.

This Photographic Reflection at The Successful Life Course was generously and thoughtfully contributed by Alin & Lidia Negrila. There is also a high resolution version suitable for printing (721mb).

The four quarterly scheduled classes for 2013 are filling rapidly…the opportunity to attend NOW…you can register on line at, on the SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course tab.

One Response to Successful Life Course, November 6-9, 2012

  • sue redding says:

    I attended your Happy Healthy & Terrific weekend in 1984
    THE BEST THING EVER FOR MY LIFE I will always be grateful to our friends Earl and Cappy McWharter for inviting me.

    I happened to pull out my books and realize ALL my goals have been met and I still believe every day is TERRIFIC!!!!

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