The movie “The Secret”

by Tony Yost

Have you seen this movie yet? It is absolutely amazing. If not, click the image below to see the trailer, then please come back for some more information.

What Is The Secret

This movie shows, very dramatically, the power of focusing on what you DO want, instead of what you don’t want. It really is the secret to getting what you want.

I have yet to recommend this movie to someone, and have them tell me they didn’t like it. Most of them say it was the beginning of some powerful changes in their lives.

The only 2 criticisms I’ve seen published have to do with…

  • Some very, very, very religious people taking the movie too literally.
  • And, some people feel that the movie leaves out an “action” step. They say that “if you just sit around on your couch and envision more money, that they will repossess you and your couch.”, which, of course, is true. I think that once you get clear about what you want, and focus on achieving it, the “actions” come naturally.

By the way, “The Secret” movie is available in two versions, the original release from Australia, and the newer “extended” version. I would recommend that you try to get the original version, which includes Esther Hicks, since most of the movie is based on the Hicks’ philosophy. You can usually pick one up on EBay for a reasonable price.

For those interested in why Esther Hicks is not in the “extended” version, her explanation is on YouTube.

3 Responses to The movie “The Secret”

  • Great post Tony! It is very interesting fact the reasons of why Esther Hicks is not in the extended version! I did not know about it! The truth is that laws behind The Secret work! I have been using it for years with great success.. :) You are right about the misundertanding around certain parts of the film… It is a great film and a great book but certain things need to be meditated to be understood correctly..

    All the best

  • Michael says:

    The original version of ‘The Secret’ with Ester Hicks is wonderful and is the way the movie was intended. Someone has posted the original on Youtube at


  • Matthew Brun says:

    I love this post! I agree with you on both of these points. You have to take action! Get your bum off the couch and go after what you want. You can’t just sit there and expect the universe to give you everything on a silver platter.

    I’m a christian and found that The Secret and the Law of Attraction is proven in the bible. If these VERY religious tested it against the word, they would find the bible validates it all.

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