Thoughts Are Things

Long before the movie “The Secret”, Ed Foreman has been teaching that “Thoughts are things that manifest themselves in your life”. Ed explains it differently than the “new age” presentation.

Thoughts lead to Actions which become Habits that create the Character you become.

If you think about your dreams and goals, what happens? You begin to smile. You get a spring in your step. You begin doing the things that will bring about your goal. The thought has become an action.

Any action repeated over and over for about 21 days becomes a habit. The longer you habitually do something, the easier it is to do. Most of what we do every day is done because of our habits. Have you ever left the office thinking you need to stop at the store on the way home and the next thing you know, you’re pulling into the driveway at home? That was because the drive home was a habit. In this way the action has become a habit.

All of your habits make up your Character. For example, if you have the habit of getting up early to work out, you will be healthier. If you have the habit of thinking positively, when something doesn’t go your way, you will put all of your efforts into finding another solution. You will be known as that kind of person. All of this together is your character, and it makes up the quality of your life.

Thus, what started as a thought has manifested itself in your life.

So, what are you thinking? What do you read when you don’t have to read? What do you listen to on the radio? What TV shows do you watch? Choose your thoughts carefully. They are what you become.

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