Want to know how to increase your wealth mentality, feel good, and help out a deserving person, all at the same time?

Leave a big tip when you go out to eat.

Very often, an extra $10 or $15 means quite a lot more to your waiter or waitress than it would to you or me.

They are working very hard for very little money. They may carry heavy trays or hot plates all day. They often have to put up with abusive customers. And still they put on a happy face and treat you like a guest.

These waiters and waitresses are not looking for a hand out. They are working for every cent they get.

The next time you go out to eat, take a few minutes to observe the person waiting on you. Watch how they take care of several parties at the same time. Notice their attitude when they talk to you. Most of the time, if you do this, you will get a new perspective on what they do.

When they do a good job, give them a bigger tip than what is expected. You’ll see someone seeing themselves with renewed self esteem. You’ll be helping a deserving person out. And you’ll feel good for brightening another person’s day. It will make you feel wealthy, too.

Where else can you do so much for so little?

2 Responses to Tipping

  • Bill Merrick says:

    You are so refreshing. I first me you in 1983 in the little town of Kerrvile, Texas and we spent three days learning how to have a terrific day! (I guess we were in the slow group, huh?).

    Thanks for all you’ve done. I follow your principles daily with the occasional slip, but continuous seek positive, affirmative feedback to keep the winning feeling. Thanks, again. Bill

  • Gary Durham says:

    I was also in the same class in Kerrvile,Texas back in 1983. I ran across my flash cards last week. I am using them in my class room. I work with students who have disciplinary problems in school. In such a short time I have seen results. The three days in your class turn my whole life around. It is such a pleasure to pass on my knowledge I came away with in your class to younger generations. Thank you for what you do.
    Gary “Bull” Durham

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