A short film about the magic of looking for the best in people.

This movie has played at 34 film festivals worldwide and won 17 awards.

2 Responses to Validation

  • Liljana Hidri says:

    Forgive me for being so ignorant that I didn’t know there was such a thing like Ed Foreman’s teaching out there. I have been struggling with many things in the last two years of my life and that was so obvious, so a dear friend of mine send me a one of your CD’s as Christmas gift. And the excuse for me being miserable the cause was my husband’s actions or failures. Wrong!
    Since then I have gone and checked your website and, I have been reading everything you have in there.
    Obviously I never seen this movie either; It just made me cry and made me realize that I have been just a miserable, critical, wife, mother or friend that tried to make everybody feel sorry for me.
    That will change right now!
    Thanks for your teaching! They are opening my ayes even more and making me realize that live should be for laughing, ( I do that, and I make people lough), living and loving, (I have forgotten to do that)
    Have a terrific life!
    Liljana Hidri

  • Rolinda M Harris says:

    Aloha Ed. My name is Roinda M Harris…and thank you so much for making the GOODNESS
    that you spread available for us all, especially for us who have not been around for some
    of your HEALING EVENTS, like at Family Reunion last year in the Bahamas.

    This movie on VALIDATION was incredible. Thank you. Do you have a suggestion where
    I can send for a copy of it.

    LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING YOU at one of the future events. I have started to play – HAVE A TERRIFIC DAY EVERY DAY…every day..what ever it takes. Again Mahalo nui loa
    (Thank you again in Hawaiian) Blessings and Prayers to you and yours.

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