We’re In A Recession!

What-a-ya’ got to be thankful about?

We’ve been bombarded lately by the news media, the pundits, economists, bankers, and politicians that “We’re in a RECESSION,” aka “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!” If you dwell upon the situation, study it and wallow in it, you’ll begin to feel apprehensive, doubtful and scared!

Things are really not that bad for us. We’re enjoying smooth sailing. It’s been a good year…maybe not a great year, but a very goood year! We’ve served a lot of wonderful, appreciative customers who have paid their bills. We received lots of orders for our products from new folks we’ve never dealt with before. We’ve addressed business meetings across the U.S.A. and around the world. Our 3-day classes here in Texas have been well attended. We’ve met new people, traveled to exotic locations and had fun! Did we achieve all our goals? No. Did we experience any disappointments? Of course. Could we have improved our revenue? Yes. Are we happy anyway? You better bet we are!

We’re thankful and happy for the support of our many wonderful clients and friends. You have given us confidence by placing your trust in us! We are enjoying the blessings of good health, family, freedom, travel, “toys”…and the knowledge that we live in a part of the world that most people would love to experience. They find it hard to believe that we have it so GOOOD…and wonder why some folks complain and feel so bad!

Here’s a good suggestion…take at least an hour…a reflective hour…and make a list of everything good that happened in your life in the last 12 months…from the little things to the big ones! It’ll require a little time for you to “shift gears” from what’s wrong to what’s right. Maybe you got a promotion, more responsibility and the opportunity to grow…a new job…a new client, or a new addition to your family, or remodeled the house, the old car kept running good, or you traded for another car, home, job or bike. Your kid got well or made good grades…someone special respects and loves you…you improved your diet, exercise and energy level…you watched a sunrise, walked in the moonlight…lived without fear…set and achieved some new goals. You get the idea. Rack your brain…put it into “positive gear,” count all your blessings and see how very much you have to be thankful for! Add to your list daily!

Think about what you think about…thankfulness and blessings, or complaints and despair? You decide, it’s your choice…complainers will always have plenty to complain about…happy people look for things to be happy about and they enjoy happy, healthy, productive lives!

We expect 2009 and 2010 to get better…the markets will recover…our new President will do better than some folks expected…the sky won’t fall…the sun will continue to shine. Get HAPPY ‘n Stay TERRIFIC!

Ed Foreman
Earlene Vining
Linda Barrett
Phillip Hettich

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