What’s the best good thing that’s been going on with you?

4753431_blogI was in Ed Foreman’s office the other day and during the course of the conversation he turned to me and said “What’s the best good thing that’s been going on with you?”

I’m sorry to say that I had to stop and think about the answer. Knowing Ed, I should not have been surprised by the question. You see, Ed teaches this in the Successful Life Course and in many of the CDs.

Most people ask “How are you?” or “How are things going?”

There are two types of answers to this question. The most common answer is “Fine, how are you?”, which really conveys no information at all. The other type of answer usually involves some long explanation of how bad things are going.

When you are asked “What’s the best good thing that’s been going on?” you first have to think of the GOOD things that are happening. Sadly, that’s not what we spend most of our time thinking about. Thinking about the good things in your life makes you feel better, and talking about good things makes for a positive conversation that lifts everybody’s spirits.

Ed even suggests that a weekly staff meeting begin with a “Good Things Report” where each attendee takes a minute or two to talk about the positive things, either personally or professionally, happening in that person’s life. This makes for a much more positive and productive meeting.

Aside from making you feel better at the time, this question makes you want to look for the good things as you go through your day to day life. I know that I’ll be talking with Ed again, and you can bet I will have good things to talk about.

Now I ask you the question…
What’s the best GOOD thing that’s been going on with you?

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  • Cliff head says:

    I work for a large company and just began my 3rd year with the same position. I am a public speaker for a school and I go to high schools everyday and talk about good decision making. I just found out that my boss has put me on probation and wants me to achieve certain goals at a level that basically says, “see ya.” Ironically, I had just been awarded an award at our national meeting last week for my prior years production, coming in second place in the nation for total new clients! Furthermore, I was offered a promotion by our President 2 months ago and decided that I liked my current position too much to take the higher salaried position. So, when I looked on our company site last night to see if the position was still available I noticed that my current job is up for grabs! Immediately, I began to mope and worry until I challenged myself to think of the funniest thing I could until I was hysterical with laughter. Since that moment, I have not thought negatively about the situation that I find myself but rather, spent the entire focused on my job and doing it better. Needless to say, today was the single most productive day that I’ve had since beginning this career 3 years ago. So, even though we don’t get to pick who comes into our lives and challenges us to be better people, we can always remember that whether we believe we can or believe we can’t, we’re right. Thanks to Ed, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Zig Ziglar, and most importantly, Myself, I can share this current opportunity with you all as the best good thing that’s been going on with me. As Zig would say, I’m supergood and getting better.



  • Cliff Head says:

    Even though I am the only one that seems to be writing on this page, I’m going to share the outcome of the above story. Since I chose to think positively with a realisting view of the the world and not lower my energy to that of my superior or “boss”, I have been offered 2 promotions. 1 from my current employer as well as 1 from our competitor! I believed there was a good thing in the above situation and I did not take any other routes out of that until it became more and more of what I was thinking it could be. Now, I have to make a decision but one decision is already made and that is “I decide to decide. Life is for laughing, lovin’, and learnin’ not workin’, worrying, whining.” Try it, your gonna love it and you!

  • I joined the Global Information Network and my life is changing in amazing ways for the better every day. My mood, attitude, way of thinking, and the prosperity I am seeing in my life is incredible. Thank you for all you do to help people to get our attitude right, and make the most out of our lives.

  • Joe Sabah says:

    Celebrating #79 today. ONLY 21 more steps to 100. YIPPEEEE!
    Enjoying life 6 years post stroke.
    Still speaking and conducting seminars
    with Cavett’s picture looking down on me,

  • The best thing that has been going on is that everyday I have one goal! To make it the best day of my life! Since becoming part of the Global Information Network, I am looking forward to the successes that are coming into my life. My clients and athletes are benefiting from my knowledge and drive and that’s the greatest feeling I know I will experience everyday!

  • Last Tuesday, 1-31-12, I had breakfast with Ed Foreman at Cindi’s
    in Dallas, Texas. During that hour and a half Ed and I shared some
    Treeeeeeeeemendous memories and a lot of laughter and the food was
    really good but not near as good as our time together.

    Thanks again ED and I do look forward to our lunch with my son David
    at Addison Field and then on to Cavenaugh Flight Museum.

  • Brigitte says:

    I’ve had a strange string of occurrences this week. I finally received a $1400 check I had been waiting on. I met a writer, who also publishes and edits and has a horror anthology coming out next month. I met him Monday, and sent him a short story and Tuesday he sent me a contract to publish it with very minor editorial changes. And, one of my part time jobs offered me full time in August after the summer help goes back to school.

  • Ed Foreman says:

    Congratulations, Brigitte, on all the goood things that are happening. Keep up your positive, enthusiastic approach to life, and you’ll find that life does, indeed, get better and better!. Stay Happy, Healthy and TERRIFIC!
    Ed Foreman

  • Carmen Boje says:

    First I would like to wish a Very Happy 2014 to Ed & Harold and their families and late “Happy Birthday!” to Ed (mine is tomorrow Jan 7).
    Congratulations to Cliff, Michael, Joe, Matt and Brigitte. I love teaching Engineering/Math/Statistics (http://et.nmsu.edu/people/fac_cboje.html) and unexpectedly my contract will end in a few months. I’ll keep being positive and may be I’ll open an online school teaching also Italian and Romanian. Definitively Ed advise put more smile on my face. Blessings,
    Carmen Boje

  • Robert Hutton says:

    In the late 1980’s, the Oklahoma City based department store that I worked for, invited Ed to be the keynote speaker at our awards breakfast. Ed gave the best presentation of his life. We went out of the meeting energized and ready to take on the world. A short time later back in the office, I walked into Leon, a VP of the company’s showroom. My standard greeting at the time was “How ya doin Leon?” to which he answered “Fine.” Then everything Ed had talked about became personal. Leon took a second and then said “I mean terrific!” We both burst out laughing. From that time on I have answered ‘Terrific” anytime someone asks how I am and I ask more positive questions. Life has had some challenges but with the help of God, my wife of 43 years and Ed Forman, I am happy, healthy and TERRIFIC!

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